Peer to Peer Lending



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Mission will allow YOU to loan money to and from other irish people. Yes, no banks. Itís all about community.


How it works

Anybody can post a request for a loan online. Ireloans will check the the credit report and validate the identity of the borrower. Then the request will be published and lenders can bid to invest. Once the requested amount is funded, Ireloans pays the amount to the borrower and collects the monthly repayments.


Borrower benefits

You will likely get a better rate then at your bank. In fact you can set your own rate! Select the amount you need (maximum 12500 Euro) and the payback period (18, 24 or 36 months). You avoid the hassles of bank fees by reaching out to the community instead.


Lender benefits

You select who gets your money. Want to help a young student? Or rather someone struggling with credit card debt? Just browse the descriptions of loan requests.

By cutting out the bank as middleman you will get better returns on your money. Start helping your fellow Irish citizens with as little as 100 Euro minimum bid. You will be able to diversify by bidding on different loans.